Graham & Amanda Strong

Graham and Amanda Strong own Arcadia Saltbush Lamb, based just outside of Wagga, one of the main lamb suppliers to Knights.

‘Saltbush Lamb’ describes the unique characteristics of lamb where the animals have eaten a diet including a regular proportion of one or more native Australian saltbush species. All our sheep graze on extensive Old Man Saltbush (Atriplex nummularia) plantations, Lucerne and annual grass clover pasture and native grass pastures.

What’s so special about Arcadia Saltbush Lamb?

We believe it has:
• a fantastic flavour
• premium texture and tenderness
• consistency of eating quality
• *high levels of vitamin E
• *fresh colour, appearance and high moisture retention
• *low fat content
• *research suggests longer shelf life
(*CSIRO research))

Our animals are:
• treated with respect and receive high standards of welfare
• quiet and unstressed
• given year round access to fresh green feed
• born and raised on our property ensuring consistency and traceability

Arcadia Saltbush Lamb has uniqueness across the spectrum of eating qualities. Changes in the physiology of sheep or lambs grazing saltbush lead to the meat having high moisture retention. Perhaps this is why during cooking every attribute seems to be enhanced beyond what might be expected from standard grass or grain fed premium lamb. 

The moist, lean quality of saltbush lamb means a premium eating experience. Taste has been subtly enhanced by eating a diet rich in native saltbush.

Cristy Houghton