Meat Packs

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50 Piece Pack

Perfect for planning your meals for the week or for the weekend BBQ, this pack represents amazing value!

Includes: 10 minute steaks, 10 forequarter chops, 10 thin sausages, 10 chicken drumsticks and 10 tasty BBQ rissoles


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2s and 4s Pack

Perfect for a couple, this meat pack provides some fantastic options for weeknight dinners with variety!

Includes: 2 chicken breast fillets, 2 rump steaks, 4 thick beef sausages, 4 pork medallions, 4 lamb chump chops


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4 Protein Pack

Can’t decide which protein? Hit all 3 food groups, beef, pork, and chicken with the 4 protein pack.

Includes: 6 chicken thigh fillets, 500g beef stir fry strips, 2 scotch fillet steaks and 2 pork loin chops


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Butcher’s Dozen Rump Pack

13 pieces of juicy rump steak.


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Family Pack

Feed the fam with this yummy pack that contains everyone’s favourites.

Includes: 1kg thin sausages, 1kg minute steak, 1 pork loin roast and 4 chicken schnitzels


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New BBQ Pack

Includes: 1kg thin sausages, 10 chicken tenderloins, 6 beef burgers, and 6 '“terry” rump portions